Specialty Teas

Black Teas 

Earl Grey Bergamot, Southern Breakfast, Ginger Peach

Oolong Teas

Day Lily – Notes of fruits and nuts, Ruby Oolong – Cherry and stonefruit, White Ambosia – Cocunut, Pineapple

Green Teas

Citrus Green, Genmaicha, Jasmine Green, Sencha Green, % Sencha, Matcha, Toasted Rice Kernels

Botanical Teas

Hibiscus, Peppermint, Blueberry, Rose, Chamomile

Wired for Cool


If you wanna be cool, you’ve got to drink iced (or frozen) coffee

Frozen Blended

Caffe Freddo

Espresso, milk, and a hint of sweetener, blended to frozen perfection. Oh, and whipped cream.

Carmel Freddo

Caffe Freddo with caramel. For when you’re feeling sweet.

Mocha Freddo

Caffe Freddo with cocoa. For when you’re feeling naughty.

Chai Freddo

Masala chai, milk, ice, whipped cream. For when you’re feeling “Nah, tea.”


Brewed Coffee

Premium roast brewed coffee, chilled with ice for joy year-round

Mocha Latte

A creamy iced latte with a shot of chocolate. Go on, you deserve it.

Brewed Tea

The classic iced tea, brewed to perfection


Heat the espresso, steam the milk. Then ice it down for a smooth treat

Chai Latte

Soothing chai tea with your choice of milk, iced to keep you cool and calm

Hot Wired

Hot Shots

The classics, served piping hot and ready to drink



A shot of life in a little mug

Espresso Machiato

Take a shot. Put steamed milk on top. Add syrup. Perfection.


Espresso, steamed milk, thick foam. Need we say more?

Caffe Mocha

The Latte with chocolate. Maybe a little more happiness.

Espresso Con Panna

Life can be bitter. A little whip cream makes it better

Caffe Americano

For when you want to take your time. Espresso shot stretched to fill a big mug.

Caffe Latte

More milk and less foam than the cappuccino. Just as much happiness.

Wired for Communication

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